Roger Luvison and Son knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.

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Roger Luvison and Son delivers high quality workmanship in masonry and concrete with guaranteed client satisfaction. We provide comprehensive residential and commercial services to the Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York  Area, particularly Warren and Chautauqua counties. To discuss your Commercial and Residential Masonry needs call our office or request an estimate online!

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Office: 1-814-563-4252  
Fax: 814-563-4720
Residential & Commercial Masonry: Jef Luvison, 814-563-7868
​Concrete/Industrial: Matthew Luvison, 814-688-4996

Build With Masonry, Build Forever

Although we are not currently hiring, you may submit a message or return an application to our office at PO Box 234, Youngsville PA  16371, for consideration as future opportunities open up.

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